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    What's WeFollow again?

    WeFollow is a social media agency based in Singapore who manage, grow and generate high quality followers on your behalf. 

    How do you manage my account?

    We will use one or two smartphones to login your Instagram account and perform Instagram engagement activities just like you, but a lot faster and more frequent.

    How many followers will I receive? 

    Depending on your content quality and schedule, the number of new highly targeted followers varies. We prioritise quality over quantity. 

    Are you using automation or Instagram bots? 

    Certainly not. Instagram is advancing everyday to eliminate any form of bots or automation as they are against the community guidelines stipulated in Instagram's T&C. 

    Do you offer discounts or free trial? 

    Yes we are offering 10% off on annual plans. However, we do not offer free trial as we are a service agency with manpower as the main cost.

    Is this service safe to use?

    Probably the safest in the market as we are real people using realistic activities to generate organic growth. We even take it a step further with intelligent direct message and comments using your brand voice. However, do ensure that you have disconnected any bots software you have previously used. 

    Can I use Instagram as usual?

    For sure, our services does not interrupt how you usually would use Instagram.

    What's the difference between you and others?

    We bring you high quality followers who will eventually becomes your paying customers or true fans. This is only possible with hyper targeted engagement with a human touch aligning to your brand voice. 

    Can we do bank transfer instead of credit card? 

    Yes. For business entities we can issue sales invoice for your finance team to make the payment arrangement to our corporate bank account. 

    Do you manage Instagram account based outside of Singapore?

    Yes we manage Instagram accounts globally predominantly in English.